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COLORFUL AND ENGAGING DESIGN: The set includes five vibrant and colorful chewing toys that are visually appealing to small and medium parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, conures, macaws, lovebirds,budgies,finch,parrotlets and so on.You can also hide their treats into the toys to capture their attention and encouraging play.
FORAGING AND SHREDDING STIMULATION: Coming a hanging hand-woven basket and rattan balls of confetti,brightly colored popsicle sticks,interesting plastics beads,the bird toys are designed to promote natural foraging and shredding instincts in birds, helps keep their beaks healthy and provides mental stimulation and prevent boredom.
DURABLE AND SAFE MATERIALS: Made from bird-safe materials,like rattan ,wooden blocks,bamboo,bird-safe shredded paper,plastics,these toys are durable and withstand the vigorous chewing habits of parrots, ensuring they can be enjoyed for an extended period of time.
EASY INSTALLATION: The bird toys come with hanging hooks, allowing for easy attachment to bird cages or play areas, ensuring quick and convenient setup.
COMFY BIRD ROPE PERCH: The set also includes a comfy cotton rope perch for birds to chew on,climb,rest and relax on. This adds variety to their environment and provides a comfortable spot for them to perch and play.