2 Pcs Automatic Bird Water Dispenser, Parrot Bird Water Feeder, Bottles Bird Drinker Seed Food Container, Parakeet Cage Accessories for Parakeet Budgies Cockatiel Lovebird Small Birds Canary Finch

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ð?¦?ã?�Packaging Includeã??-- The set includes 2pcs automatic bird feeder in green and clear. The bottle size: 5.12Ã? 3.35inch/13 Ã? 8.5cm, fasteners: 0.4 - 0.7inch, exit size: 0.5inch, capacity: 220ml. Our automatic parrot feeder can hold a large capacity of food or water to meet the daily food needs of the birds.
ð?¦?ã?�Premium Materialã??-- Our bird water dispenser is made of high-quality thick PVC material, safe and healthy. With a transparent design, allow you to observe the food and water balance and increase it in time. Easy to hang and use on the vertical railing installation. This water dispenser is fit for almost all of the cage.
ð?¦?ã?�Automatic Designã??-- The seed food container can provide birds with continuous food or water supply. After the water or food is used up, it will automatically flow until the trough is full. Effectively prevent birds from drinking water or dirty food. Large capacity can provide birds with a few days of food, no longer worry about the bird hungry when you go out.
ð?¦?ã?�Easy to Useã??-- Simply fill the bottle upside down with water, cover the lid, and turn it over quickly so that it can be hung inside or outside the cage,no need to open the cage. Easy to remove and dump.And easy to fill with water or food, but you can't put big seeds in it.
ð?¦?ã?�Essential Bird Cage Accessoriesã??-- If you are feeding canaries, lovebirds, parakeets and other birds of similar size. This aviary feeder will be a good choice for you.
ð??�ã?�Our Serviceã??-- If you have any problem or you need help, please contact us no hesitation, we will solve it for you and accept replacement and full refund.
Product Description Packaging Include: 2 x Parakeet Water Dispenser Can be used to hold water and food. Help you take care of your pet birds. Easy to Use This bird water feeder for cage can be easily installed on the cage and is very easy to adjust. Do not worry about your bird thirsty, you can go to work at ease. Automatic Birds Water Feeder Set One can hold water and one can hold food. The bird feeder comes with bird perch that maks bird comfortable stands during food time. Compared with other types of feeder and water bowls, Our food feeder and water dispenser not only store water and food in a higher quality, but also prevent your loved pet from accidentally pouring into the bowl. Automatic design to ensure continuous food or water supply, no need to worry about your pets without water at work, no longer drink water